Culture and core values

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We believe in good leadership, employee relations, good working environment and a stimulating work climate. The core values are there to guide us.

Good leadership and teamwork are also important tools for achieving VTI's operational goals.

VTI’s core values

Our peer interaction is characterized by:

  • commitment
  • cooperation
  • competence

Leadership and colleagues

As a part of our core values, we have a policy for leaders and coworkers. The policy states that our leadership shall be characterized by:

  • responsiveness,
  • clarity,
  • openness,
  • dedication and
  • enterprise.

National core values

The national core values consists of six principles. The principles are based on Swedish constitutions, laws and regulations and apply to all employees in a government agency – regardless of activity and profession. The principles helps us achieve a good adminstrative culture.

  • Democracy
    As a government agency employee you are part of the chain of democratic governance and work on behalf of the citizens of this country.
  • Rule of law
    Citizens have to be sure that government authorites follow the rules.
  • Objectivity
    All government agency employees have to act objectively and impartiallay.
  • Free formation of opinion
    Every citizen has the right to freedom of expression, freedom of information, freedom of assembly, freedom of demonstration, freedom of association and freedom of religion.
  • Respect
    As a government agency employee you have to strive to carry out your duties with respect for the individual and meet the requirements for non-discrimination and consideration of personal privacy.
  • Efficacy and service
    Authorities have to aim to treat citizens well, be available and give citizens service in an efficient way.

More about the six core values at the Swedish Agency for Public Managements (Stadskontoret) website External link.

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