Career and personal development

VTI is a knowledge based organisation. Our employees are our greatest asset. Therefore, the possibility for personal development is of great importance.

Skills and skills development

We have a long term strategy for maintaining high skill level and constantly work with identifying, mapping out and to visualize the institute’s needs for the coming years. We use this as a basis to create plans for personal development, staffing, and for future retirements.

Ph.D. program

Our Ph.D. program is a possibility for personal development, which is an important part in strengthening the institute’s knowledge and a way to contribute to the transport sectors’ long term competence level. The Ph.D. program is also important regarding VTI’s collaboration with Sweden’s universities.

Leadership and colleagues

As a part of our core values, we have a policy for leaders and coworkers. The policy states that our leadership shall be characterized by responsiveness, clarity, openness, dedication and enterprise.

Our peer interaction is characterized by commitment, cooperation, competence and humour.


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