Perimeter protection

A truck nose to nose with a concrete lion.
Photo: Jan Wenäll/VTI

From 2023, VTI crash safety laboratory can offer testing of perimeter protection according to the method IWA 14-1:2014 (International Workshop Agreement 14-1:2014). The method is used to test and classify devices designed to stop deliberate vehicle attacks.

In the IWA 14-1:2014 method, there are nine different sizes of vehicles for the customer to choose from and there are also seven different test speeds to choose from, ranging from 16 km/h to 112 km/h. The method describes about 30 different possible test configurations.

Unusually, the test does not focus on the safety of the vehicle's driver, but rather on effectively stopping the vehicle. One of the more important results of the test is the distance past the obstacle that the vehicle may be able to pass.

Testing of intrusion protection on VTI's crash course on behalf of the Norwegian government. Film: Jan Wenäll/VTI


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