Crash safety testing, non-accredited

In addition to accredited testing, other dynamic crash safety testing is carried out at the laboratory.

Perimeter protection, testing according to IWA 14-1:2014

Test of perimeter protection in VTI crash test laboratory.
Photo: Jan Wenäll, VTI

From 2023 it is possible to run crash tests according to IWA 14-1:2014 (International Workshop Agreement 14-1:2014) in the VTI crash safety laboratory.

The method is used for evaluation of, and classification of, devices intended to stop hostile vehicle attacks. IWA 14-1:2014 consists of nine different vehicle types and seven different speed levels from 16 km/h up to 112 km/h, describing 30 possible test configurations.

A slightly different approach is that the test does not focus on the safety of the vehicle driver, but more on the vehicle stopping effectiveness. The more prominent result of the test is the vehicle intrusion distance beyond the tested product.

A filmed test of perimeter protection on VTI's crash course. Film: Jan Wenäll, VTI

Crash tests using moose model

Moose model, devolped by VTI.
Photo: Jan Wenäll/VTI

The crash safety laboratory has developed a moose model called Mooses II, which makes it possible to study what happens when a vehicle collides with a moose.

The moose model weighs 357 kg and is made of a large number of rubber discs that are threaded on two steel cables. The model is generally robust and equipped with legs to make the collision objective and repeatable, and also as realistic as possible.

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