Car standing in front of a post.
Photo: Jan Wenäll, VTI

Accredited crash testing of road equipment – columns and posts

The VTI crash safety laboratory performs tests of all types of roadside equipment, permanent as well as temporary equipment for example for work zones.

A substantial part of road equipment are narrow support structures as columns, sign supports, signal head posts etc. These shall in general be CE-marked according to EN40 for wind loads. A supporting standard to En40 is the EN12767, describing the functionality of narrow objects during impact.

Testing according to EN 12767

The VTI crash laboratory holds a valid accreditation to run tests according to EN12767 for narrow support structures installed along national roads in Sweden.

Accredited testing

VTI performs accredited testing impartially and with confidentially according to EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and legal and authority requirements.

Accrediteringsmärke Swedac.


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