Launch of Drivmedla

Debate during launch of Drivmedla.
Discussion during the launch of Drivmedla. Caroline Drabe, Riksförbundet M Sverige, Magnus Berglund, VTI, Victor Bärring, Gröna Mobilister, and Svante Axelsson, Fossilfritt Sverige. Photo: Petra Stelling.

The Drivmedla digital platform, which was launched on Monday, aims to drive the expansion of charging and refuelling infrastructure in Sweden. VTI has played a key role in this project and will be continuing to manage and develop the tool.

The website shows both existing and planned charging stations and refuelling stations with fossil-free fuels all over Sweden. It also includes tools for visualising the transition to climate-friendly fuels and an opportunity to suggest new charging points or find partners, as well as good examples and advice.

This platform aims to facilitate the transition to fossil-free transport by disseminating knowledge and facilitating cooperation. The platform is aimed at vehicle owners, local authorities and regions, operators of charging and refuelling infrastructure, landowners and grid owners.

VTI was responsible for the technology behind the platform and developed the database on which the website is based.

“For us, Drivmedla has been both an extension of the government assignment on electrification and a good way of collecting and disseminating crucial information. That was why it was natural for us to be involved,” says Magnus Berglund, Head of Unit at VTI, who attended the launch in Stockholm.

VTI is also tasked with managing and further developing the platform. Magnus Berglund also believes that this work may lead to more and new projects going forward.

“I truly believe that, and that is another important reason for our participation. Firstly, the data we have collected can be used in a variety of ways, for multiple purposes. Secondly, other types of transport-related information could also be uploaded.” is a result of the efforts of the ReDriv project, which was run in cooperation between Fossil Free Sweden, VTI and a number of development stakeholders in eleven Swedish regions. ReDriv was funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Text: Mikael Sönne

Translation: CBG

More information (in Swedish):

Website Drivmedla External link.

Launch event on Youtube External link.

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