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Road traffic injuries and loss of life is one of the major global health problems today. Many countries have learnt to mitigate the problems associated with road traffic crashes, but there is still much more to be done.

There is a great necessity for global cooperation to stop the growth of traffic fatalities. To reverse this trend, knowledge, information and experience from success stories and good practice must be shared.


Road Safety on Five Continents (RS5C) is an international conference aiming at increasing road safety globally by providing a platform for this essential knowledge exchange and helping the participating countries to find a good balance between road safety and mobility.

The foundation of the RS5C is in state of the art research and good practice. By providing a mutual ground for sharing knowledge and a forum to discuss mutual problems and their solutions, researchers, officials and other stakeholders can learn from results, experiences and success stories.

RS5C aims to be a leading source of research results, information and interaction in the road transport area with a focus on safety and health associated with road transport. This aim is accomplished by cooperation with local as well as global organisations to ensure that RS5C meets local needs with global state of the art. Moreover, RS5C will produce abstracts of high scientific quality that are open and accessible for everyone.

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Road Safety on Five Continents
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