Bakdelen av ett flygplan och en flygplansvinge under färd.
Foto: Doug Olson/Mostphotos

How should the future aviation system be designed? The air transport system is undergoing significant changes, both to reduce aviation's impact on the environment and to integrate new, more autonomous systems into the airspace.

There is a strong need for evidence-based decision making, and it is important to take a systems perspective. VTI can make valuable contributions due to its broad knowledge in fields such as logistics, transport economics, environment, infrastructure, behavioural science, modelling and simulation at different system levels.

As VTI conducts research in all modes of transport, we can contribute valuable knowledge on how the air transport system can be linked to the rest of the transport system in the future.

  • Regional Sustainable Aviation for Northern Europe - Technology choice, demand, environmental impact and policy instruments (RETAS): VTI, LiU (IEI-Flumes).
    Contact: Magnus Eek
  • Flexible and automated charging via energy storage at airports: VTI , LTU, Heart Aerospace, Einride, Swedavia. Contact: Magnus Eek
  • The impact of climate change on airfields: VTI.
    Contact: Lina Nordin
  • EU-project: Collaborative System of Systems Exploration of Aviation Products, Services & Business Models (COLOSSUS) Project manager: Magnus Eek
    Colossus projektwebbplats External link.
  • DEMOPAN: Estimation of mode choice prediction model for long-distance national trips based on mobile phone network data.
    Contact: Angelica Andersson
  • RELISH – is electric aviation beneficial for society?
    Contact: Johanna Jussila Hammes, Magnus Johansson
  • International trips: Estimation of trip generation, mode and destination choice prediction models for long-distance international trips based on survey data.
    Contact: Ida Kristoffersson, Chengxi Liu

In VTI DiVA-portal you will find our reports and scientific articles in the field of aviation. Abstracts are available in English.

Aviation publications in DiVA External link.

Member of Innovair – Sweden's national strategic innovation program for aviation: www.innovair.org External link.

VTI participates in the reference group for the development of the next NRIA, Sweden's national strategic research and innovation agenda for aviation.


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