Green light for new innovation programme

Man and woman in front of stone wall.
John Hultén and Emma Hult will be heading the new innovation programme. Photo: Michael Strömgren

Shift2Access is one of five new innovation programmes that will form part of a ten-year Swedish initiative in the transition to a sustainable society. Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas announced decisions today as part of their Impact Innovation call, which involves a major investment in innovative collaboration and solutions for the built environment and mobility of the future.

Shift2Access is one of five proposals for innovation programmes to be awarded funding as part of the Swedish future initiative and Impact Innovation call. VTI, IQ Samhällsbyggnad, the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, the Swedish Transport Administration, RISE, IVL, Region Stockholm, Region Västra Götaland, Västtrafik, Region Skåne, VREF and the Rådslaget initiative have all worked on the application.

The Impact Innovation programmes will receive government funding of half a billion SEK per year when they’re in full swing, with the business sector and other stakeholders contributing at least as much again.

The programme will be providing new solutions for the fossil-free, inclusive and resource-efficient society of the future. If we’re going to succeed in this transition, we need a shift towards resource-conscious and circular spatial planning as well as a new approach to mobility, with competitive alternatives to private car travel.

The work on the application has brought together a big, strong and innovative network of people and stakeholders who’ll be involved in the innovation programme in various ways.

“It’s really pleasing to know that we can now focus fully on the links between spatial planning, mobility and accessibility. This is something we need to do if we’re going to seriously make a transition to a sustainable, resource-efficient and inclusive society for all,” says Tomas Svensson, Director General of VTI.

The programme office will be headed by John Hultén, with Emma Hult as the deputy programme manager.

“There’s a great deal of commitment to innovation and change among companies, public authorities and organisations in the fields of urban development and mobility. Impact Innovation provides us with a unique opportunity to work together to demonstrate how we can work together to aid Sweden in its transition,” says John Hultén.

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Impact Innovation External link. is a strategic and long-term Swedish initiative aimed at resolving global societal challenges and accelerating the pace of transition to a sustainable society. New collaborations and new approaches are allowing innovations to be implemented that are creating long-term solutions to societal challenges and reinforcing Sweden’s competitiveness on the world stage. The principals are the Swedish Energy Agency, Formas and Vinnova.

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