Air quality measurement

VTI offers advanced air quality measurement and evaluation, mainly for measurements of particle contaminants.

We offer measurements of particle concentrations (PM10 and PM2.5) and also have equipment to measure the number of particles and size distributions from 10 nm to 10 µm. Through our extensive partnership network we can also offer particle sampling for analysis of chemical and physical properties, toxicological studies as well as meteorological measurements and measurements of other atmospheric pollutants.

With direct access to the entire expertise of VTI in areas relevant to air quality, such as traffic, infrastructure and behavioural sciences, we are able to offer limited measurements as well as more complex studies.

VTI's particle instruments are:

  • RP TEOM (Tapered element oscillating microbalance) – measurements of PM10 or PM2,5
  • TSI DustTrak (2 st) – fast, small och battery supplied, measures PM10, PM4, PM2,5 or PM1.
  • TSI APS (aerodynamic particle sizer) – aerosol size distribution between ca 0,5–18 µm.
  • TSI SMPS (scanning mobility particle sizer) – aerosol size distribution between ca 10 nm–0,5 µm
  • TSI NAS (nanometer aerosol sampler) – sampling of nanosized particles for analyses
  • Ecotech high volume sampler – sampling of large amounts of PM10 for e.g. toxicology.

The instruments and the road simulator are available for research cooperation and, depending on availability, also for rental.

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