Open Technical Visit

Thank you for attending the VTI Open Technical Visit on 21 March at our Linköping site. You were many visitors listening to presentations and going on the tour to see some of our unique research equipment. We hope you discovered possibilities for moving your own work ahead with the help of our equipment. Welcome to contact our experts for further discussions on cooperation, partnerships and projects.

Contact information

VTI:s driving simulator 3.

Simulators and VR/XR


VTI:s Road simulator.

VTI Road Simulator


VTI:s Heavy vehicle simulator.

VTI Heavy Vehicle Simulator


Vägmätarbilen med förklarande text för de olika delarna.

Road Surface Tester



Huvudet på krockdocka.

Crash test dummies


VTI:s självkörande buss.

Ride the future – autonomous buses


Utrustning för däckprovning.

VTI tyre testing facility


Main contact if you have a research need or idea:

Jonas Jansson, head of research