Accelerated testing of roads

VTI is conducting full-scale load tests and accelerated testing of roads.

With our Heavy Vehicle Simulator (HVS) machine, we can simulate real loads from heavy vehicles, and thereby study how various types of road structures manage under heavy traffic.

Our high-capacity equipment makes it possible, in many cases, to simulate a year of heavy traffic in less than a week. Wheel load can vary from 3 to 11 tons (30–110 kN), corresponding to 6 to 22 tons axle load. We can also vary tire pressure, speed, load direction, lateral position, and temperature according to existing need.

The HVS machine is mobile, which means that it can be used both at special testing facilities and on existing roads. For short distances it can move on its own; for longer distances it can be towed.

We offer:

  • full-scale accelerated tests
  • load tests
  • 'response' measurements*.
    * The road bed is scored with sensors for such things as pressure, linear strain, and deformation. The responses from these sensors are registered during systematic variation of the test parameters. This provides a large amount of measured values that can be used in evaluating various road structures, as well as for development and validation of theoretical models.
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