Steering Committee

The RS5C conference is a series of conferences organised globally by VTI in close cooperation with one or several local hosts. The organisation of RS5C is structured in three levels with a Steering Committee with members from VTI. The Steering Committee has the overall responsibility for the RS5C conference series.

For the support of organising the conference on site, VTI collaborates with the local hosts in an Organising Committee and for the scientific content and quality a Scientific Committee is established.



Cykelcentrum för långsiktighet och excellens: redovisning av regeringsuppdrag

Research and new knowledge are important parts in achieving the government’s goal more and safer cycling contributing to a sustainable society and a high quality of life throughout the country. VTI was therefore assigned to compile and analyse the...

Automation-ready framework for urban transport planning

The mission of the H2020 CoEXist project is to enable mobility stakeholders to get “Automation-ready” – which CoEXist currently defines as conducting transport and infrastructure planning for connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) in the same...

Emission estimation based on cross-sectional traffic data

The paper outlines as follows: Section 2 consists a literature review on methods for emission estimations based on sensors measurements. Section 3 provides a description of the methodology of estimating emissions from cross-sectional data by either...



International Conference on Electric Road Systems starts today

Electric Road Systems (ERS) is a relatively new concept with many initiatives on the way. To learn from each other and stimulate new collaborations the Swedish Research and Innovation Platform for Electric Roads arranged the first international conference...


Same survey of road users’ attitudes in 50 countries

At the Road Safety on Five Continents Conference, RS5C, one entire session presented a large survey of road users' attitudes in 38 countries. Results show large differences between countries in many areas, both regarding behavior and attitudes. A new survey...


Good results with alcohol interlock program according to Swedish study

An alcohol interlock program makes it possible for drink driving offenders to continue their everyday lives. In a Swedish study most of the participants were satisfied with the program and experienced improved health. They also reported drinking alcohol more...


Traffic safety in the spotlight

Today the Conference Road Safety on Five Continents (RS5C) opened in Jeju Island, South Korea. More than 220 participators have come from all over the world to present findings and learn about traffic safety. Dr. Young Tae Kim, Secretary-General of the...


VTI will develop simulators for ambulance staff

VTI has initiated a pilot study for paramedics with the Centre for Teaching & Research in Disaster Medicine and Traumatology and Linköping University. The aim is to give ambulance staff the opportunity to practice critical medical tasks in a moving vehicle in...


Unique electrified road opens in Sweden

The world’s first electrified road recharging the batteries of cars and trucks while driving opened in Sweden. The Swedish Minister for Infrastructure, Tomas Eneroth, was at the formal inauguration of the electrified road on April 11, 2018. VTI is one of 22...