Public Transport Solutions for People with Various Disabilities

The project "Understanding Obstacles and Facilitators of Current and Future Public Transport Solutions for People with Various Disabilities" runs until 2024.

The Global Goals emphasize the significance of providing accessible and sustainable transport systems for all citizens, especially those in vulnerable situations. Public transport is considered particularly important for disabled people, who can have more limited access to other modes of transport. Despite active efforts to remove barriers in public transport, widespread challenges remain.

The shift to a more sustainable mobility includes facilitating digitalisation and multimodality to accelerate the shift, which raises major concerns for the risk of a so-called extended ‘digital divide’. The project is developed from conversations with representatives of both the disability rights movement and the public transport industry.

The project aims to gain a deeper understanding of obstacles and facilitators of current and future public transport solutions for people with various disabilities, and to identify measures for supporting a more sustainable and accessible public transport system.

The project includes a focus on a variety of obstacles and co-production involving both the disability movement and public transport stakeholders. The results will contribute to an increased understanding of how public transport actors can better incorporate different groups in the planning process and to an increased understanding of public transport as a means of enhancing social sustainability.

The project is financed by K2 – The Swedish Knowledge Center for Public Transport External link. and carried out as a close collaboration between researchers at LTH – The Faculty of Engineering, Malmö University and VTI, together with representatives from the public transport authorities in Stockholm, Västra Götaland, Skåne and the Swedish Transport Administration.

Period: 2023–2024.


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