VTI partakes in the largest road and railway technology research programme ever in Sweden

– The challenge to partake in the programme is really exciting. It gives us an opportunity to use our broad competence in the area of road and railway technology as well as a chance to cooperate with the sector in a new and efficient way to solve our common challenges. To be entrusted with the sum of 40 million Swedish crowns per year in a period of five years for research is really inspiring, says Gunilla Franzén, head of the Infrastructure department at VTI.


Concrete pavement Falkenberg, Sweden

The majority of the road network in Sweden consists of flexible pavements. Only a small fraction is rigid pavements and the most recent concrete structure was built ten years ago. This creates a problem as the national experience and knowledge in...

Driving Characteristics of Older Drivers and Their Relationship to the Useful Field of...

To maintain the mobility of older people in later life, it is essential to sustain their autonomy; however, driving is a complex task, requiring a large range of visual, psychomotor and cognitive abilities. Subsequently, a key issue is to measure...

Investigation of Automated Vehicle Effects on Driver's Behavior and Traffic Performance

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) offer the possibility of helping drivers to fulfill their driving tasks. Despite different encouraging factors, automated driving raise some concerns such as possible loss of situation awareness,...



Game Plan Europe

In connection to a European policy conference, arranged by Vinnova – Sweden’s innovation agency, there is an opportunity to network and exchange experiences and ideas with Anna Anund (VTI) and other representatives from the Horizon 2020 project ADAS&ME.


Welcome to Linköping, Sweden, and the largest annual transport conference in the Nordic countries.

Thredbo 15

Welcome to Stockholm, Sweden, and Thredbo 15, International Conference Series on Competition and Ownership in Land Passenger Transport.



Major European project for safer cycling

More and more cyclists are dying or sustaining severe injuries in traffic. A major EU project is studying ways of facilitating the interaction between cyclists and drivers with the help of technical aids in order to reduce the risk of accidents.


Research station with a focus on the environment

There is only one permanent environmental and road research station in Sweden, situated on the E18 motorway between Västerås and Enköping. VTI is now taking over as the new research coordinator for the station.


Simulated pedestrian traffic key piece of the puzzle for sustainable trips

Society’s interest in planning for pedestrian traffic is growing. Planners are increasingly concerned with ensuring that the interaction between different types of transportation, such as public transport, walking, and cycling, operates as flexibly as...


Bringing together Nordic expertise

Road dust can be cleaned up or bound to the road surface, but more knowledge is needed to determine which approach is more effective. Project Nordust is consequently starting as a Nordic cooperative initiative in which researchers from Sweden, Iceland,...


Savelec – Electromagnetic pulse cannon tested at VTI

The EU's Savelec project, in which VTI has been involved, has the goal of develop a safe method for stopping vehicles in connection with, for example, police interventions. Potential end users from a number of different European countries gathered at VTI to...


A 9.6 million euros project – largest in VTI's history

There is currently a lot of excitement surrounding VTI's announcement of the European Commission’s approval of a major automated driving project. VTI will lead the project, which will have 30 organisations from 11 countries participating.