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My research is primarily concerned with the micro-level practices of sustainable transport policy, regional and local transport and land use planning, often with policy, implementation, and power as analytical themes. I am interested in how the actions of interested parties, their attitudes, expertise, and power relationships, influence transport system development and the potential for change. Much of my research has focused on the reasons why local authority decision-making and social planning is prone to tunnel vision, and the ways this can be remedied. I have, for example, studied how the strategies adopted by local politicians and officials to handle conflicting objectives lead to a continuance of planning for car use, in spite of policy objectives to the contrary; how power relations between businesses and authorities influence local decision-making; and how to achieve integrated transport and land use planning.

Recently, my research has increasingly come to focus on public transport, and how public transport management and planning is carried out in fragmented institutional contexts, where public transport governance has turned into a key feature for the development of well-functioning public transport systems.

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I have my academic background at Linköping University (Doctor of Philosophy in the subject area Technology and Social Change) and at Lund University, the Faculty of Engineering (Reader in Transport and Roads).

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