Ida Kristoffersson

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Ida Kristoffersson is a researcher in Traffic analysis with focus areas sustainable cities, large-scale transport modelling, cost-benefit analysis and travel behaviour. She is currently working in several research projects regarding development of transport models to improve modelling of e.g. bicycle trips, external shopping centres and congestion reducing measures. Ida has also evaluated the effects of congestion charges in Stockholm and Gothenburg.


PhD in Transport Science

Research results from Ida

Future scenarios for self-driving vehicles on the road

The development in the field of self-driving vehicles is quick and many vehicle manufacturers (GM, Ford, Toyota, BMW, Audi, VW and others) say they will launch a fully self-driving vehicle on the market around 2020. Although technology development...

Future scenarios for self-driving vehicles in Sweden

The development of Self-Driving Vehicles (SDVs) is fast, and new pilots and tests are released every week. SDVs are predicted to have the potential to change mobility, human life and society. In literature, both negative and positive effects of SDVs...

Estimating preferred departure times of road users in a large urban network

In order to reliably predict and assess effects of congestion charges and other congestion mitigating measures, a transportation model including dynamic assignment and departure time choice is important.This paper presents a transport model that...