Ida Järlskog

Picture of Ida Järlskog

Ida is a research assistent on the Environmental unit. She works with air quality and PM10 as well as salt and winter maintenance. Her primary duties is field work, analyses in the lab and statistical compilations of data.  


Bachelor in Environmental Sciences, Linköping University

Research results from Ida

Driftåtgärder mot PM10 i Stockholm: utvärdering av vintersäsongen 2015–2016

Since 2011, Stockholm has made special efforts to reduce PM10 levels in the city. The efforts mainly include dust binding with CMA (calcium magnesium acetate) and vacuum suction with a powerful dry vacuum suction machine. This report summarizes...

Utvärdering av städmaskiners förmåga att reducera vägdammsförrådet i gatu- och...

To avoid exceeding the environmental air quality standards for particulate matter (PM10) Norwegian Public Roads Administration Directorate of Public Roads (Statens vegvesen Vegdirektoratet) in Trondheim, Norway, has implemented an attempt to clean a...