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Samgods och samhällsekonomiska kalkyler - Ett Trafikverksprojekt


M.Sc. in Economics, Uppsala University
B.Sc. in Statistics, Uppsala University
B.Sc. in European studies, Gothenburg university

Research results from Hanna

Impact of higher road vehicle dimensions on modal split: An ex-post analysis for Sweden

Road freight transport is responsible for a considerable amount of congestion, noise and various forms of air pollution and policy instruments that reduce these negative external effects are therefore on top of many policy-makers’ lists. One of the...

Lösningar för kollektivtrafik på landsbygd: det pågående arbetet i Sverige

On behalf of the Swedish government, VTI has the commission to implement a study on effective and innovative solutions that can enhance people’s willingness and ability to use public transport in rural areas in Sweden. This part-study aims to...

Modellering av järnvägstransporter: en översikt kring datakällor

Information on freight and passenger flows is vital for advancing knowledge on railway transport. In addition to providing a description of the current use of railway transportation, the flows of freight and passengers can be used in transport...

Parkeringsavgifter: en översikt av parkeringsavgifter i sex europeiska städer

The study contains a compilation of parking fees and norms in Stockholm and five other European cities: Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Frankfurt am Main.Most cities have clear zones or tariff areas where the price depends on the area’s...

Trängsel på spåren?: fördelning av tåglägen i tågplanerna 2014–2016

In this study, VTI examined the allocation of Swedish Transport Administration timetables 2014-2016 where we compare rail companies filed applications for train paths – as they were presented at the deadline for applications in spring for the coming...

Uppföljning av E20-avtalen