Hanna Lindgren

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Samgods och samhällsekonomiska kalkyler - Ett Trafikverksprojekt


M.Sc. in Economics, Uppsala University
B.Sc. in Statistics, Uppsala University
B.Sc. in European studies, Gothenburg university

Research results from Hanna

Lösningar för kollektivtrafik på landsbygd: det pågående arbetet i Sverige

On behalf of the Swedish government, VTI has the commission to implement a study on effective and innovative solutions that can enhance people’s willingness and ability to use public transport in rural areas in Sweden. This part-study aims to...

Parkeringsavgifter: en översikt av parkeringsavgifter i sex europeiska städer

The study contains a compilation of parking fees and norms in Stockholm and five other European cities: Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Frankfurt am Main.Most cities have clear zones or tariff areas where the price depends on the area’s...

Trängsel på spåren?: fördelning av tåglägen i tågplanerna 2014–2016

In this study, VTI examined the allocation of Swedish Transport Administration timetables 2014-2016 where we compare rail companies filed applications for train paths – as they were presented at the deadline for applications in spring for the coming...

Uppföljning av E20-avtalen