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My name is Abderrahman, aka. Abdou, currently working as a research assistant in Transport Economics (TEK) unit at VTI - Stockholm. I am also enrolled at Linköping University and follow doctoral studies in Infra Informatics.

The main research project that I am currently working on is SamEff (Samhällsekonomiskt effektiv tilldelning av järnvägskapacitet) which translates to Socio-economically efficient railway capacity allocation. It aims at improving the railway capacity allocation in Sweden using cost benefit analysis, mathematical programming and welfare-economics. I also work with operations research methods (e.g. mathematical programming) for OD-estimation and train timetabling.

In parallel with my research, I am actively involved in open culture (Wikimedia, Creative Commons), photography (WLM) and martial arts (Tang Soo Do).


Double degree from KTH in Computer Science and Engineering, and from Grenoble Institute of Technology in Applied Mathematics.

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