VTI's RS5C Conference Celebrates 20 Years 2025

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For the 20th time, VTI is organising its international road safety conference, Road Safety on Five Continents (RS5C). This edition will be held in collaboration with the University of Leeds from the 3rd to the 5th of September, 2025.

RS5C is a conference series that has been held recurrently since 1987 with VTI as the main organiser. The conference is always conducted in close cooperation with one or more local hosts — in 2025, it will be alongside the Institute for Transport Studies (ITS) at the University of Leeds.

"There are several well-known transport researchers in Leeds and many VTI staff have already established contacts and collaborations with the university. This leads us to hope and believe in a high participation rate from VTI," says Therese Jomander, who along with Anna Vadeby, is responsible for the conference.

The conference aims to bring together international researchers and stakeholders to exchange information and knowledge on road safety. The topics covered at the conference include road safety and resilience, infrastructure, and safety modelling — crash analysis and evaluation technique. These topics are determined based on what is current and the host country's preferences.

The call for abstracts opens on the 2nd of September this year.

"The conference maintains a high scientific standard and is quite familial at the same time. It’s a great opportunity to network, and as a participant, you get to meet most of the people in the same field," says Therese Jomander.

Originally, the conference covered two continents, Europe and North America. From 1987 to 1999, the conferences were held in Europe. The conference expanded in 2000 to include three continents (RS3C) and in 2007 to four continents (RS4C). Since 2016, when the conference was held in Brazil in South America, RS5C has included five continents.

The last two RS5C conferences were held in South Korea and Texas, USA respectively.

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