VTI receives a special assignment aimed at accelerating efforts to electrify the Swedish transport sector

At a press conference held at the Ministry of Infrastructure on Thursday 26 August, it was announced that the Swedish Government has given VTI a special assignment aimed at contributing to knowledge-building in the field. The purpose of the assignment is to be able to contribute to faster electrification of the transport sector.

“It’s good that we’ve been given a unified assignment that enables our expertise to be used in the best possible way,” says Tomas Svensson, Director General of VTI.

The assignment means that VTI will contribute to knowledge-building related to the fast, smart and socio-economically efficient electrification of the transport sector. VTI will also carry out pilot projects and develop models for how data can be made available, shared and used in practice to optimise the planning, development and operation of charging infrastructure.

The assignment is tied to the work of government-appointed Electrification Commission, which aims to accelerate efforts to electrify the transport sector.

VTI will report its results over the course of 2022, and during the assignment it will continuously engage in dialogue with and obtain feedback from numerous authorities, organisations and business actors.

“Increased integration of transport and energy systems that take advantage of the opportunities of digitalisation is a prerequisite for the transformation of the transport sector. I hope that this assignment will enable us to take steps forward here in Sweden,” says Tomas Svensson.

Text: Marina Krig
Translated by: Semantix AB