Battery swapping for heavy trucks

  • 1 Jun
  • Online

Sweden-China Bridge invites to this webinar where VTI is participator and co-organiser. Head of research Jonas Jansson presents "Exploring the Swedish VTI research on electrification of transportation".

Invitation to Sweden-China Bridge webinar:

Battery swapping for heavy trucks
An integrated system solution for recharging electric heavy vehicles, energy storage, energy balancing, and new business model based on decomposition of vehicle, battery, and charging.

The purpose of the webinar is to exchange and discuss experiences of battery swapping technology for electric heavy trucks (EHT) from a system perspective, to connect Swedish actors in the electrification of transportation system with Chinese actors to exchange knowledge, experiences and learnings on the battery swapping technology and business for heavy trucks from the electricity generation to transport and logistics operations of battery swapping-based electric trucks to societal decarbonization.

Some highlighs from the webinar agenda

  • Take part of the latest research results on electrification of transport from Swedish VTI.
  • Learn more about national policies and strategies for electrification of transportation in China and Sweden from Chinese experts and Swedish Trafikverket.
  • Representatives from leading battery swapping actors will share their experience.
  • Explore application scenarios for battery swapping EHTs in Sweden and how to support Swedish actors.

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09:00 - 12:30


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