About VTI

The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), is an independent and internationally prominent research institute in the transport sector. Our principal task is to conduct research and development related to infrastructure, traffic and transport. We are dedicated to the continuous development of knowledge pertaining to the transport sector, and in this way contribute actively to the attainment of the goals of Swedish transport policy.

Our operations cover all modes of transport, and the subjects of pavement technology, infrastructure maintenance, vehicle technology, traffic safety, traffic analysis, users of the transport system, the environment, the planning and decision making processes, transport economics and transport systems. Knowledge that the institute develops provides a basis for decisions made by stakeholders in the transport sector. In many cases our findings lead to direct applications in both national and international transport policies. The Institute is an assignment-based authority under The Ministry of Infrastructure.

We have about 240 employees and are located in Linköping (head office), Stockholm, Gothenburg and Lund.

Interdisciplinary research

We conduct commissioned research in an interdisciplinary organisation. Employees also conduct investigations, provide counseling and perform various services in measurement and testing. The institute has a wide range of advanced research equipment and world-class driving simulators. There are also laboratories for road material testing and crash safety testing.

Clients and customers

Each year, VTI provides knowledge, methods and decision bases for around 200 customers and clients. Almost 80 per cent of the income of the institute is derived from customers and clients, the remainder is made up of State grants.

  • Large customers/clients
  • The Swedish Transport Administration
  • Vinnova
  • EU / European projects
  • Municipalities and national authorities
  • The automotive industry
  • Manufacturers of safety barriers and posts for road signs
  • Manufacturers of child's seats
  • Tyre manufacturers
  • Insurance companies
  • Contractors


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