When driving a car, the driver needs to be able to focus on many things at once. We have to consider traffic regulations and at the same time be able to make decisions about the most appropriate actions in a continuous stream of traffic scenarios. For this matter, VTI conducts research within the area of driver workload.



The practical part of train driver education: experiences, expectations and possibilities

Despite all the technical aids introduced to the railway the train drivers’ knowledge and skills are still important for traffic efficiency and safety. The literature shows a clear connection between practical experience and safer and more efficient...

Analysis and comparison of simulated and real train driving in an Automatic Train...

This paper presents the differences between the train traffic simulation tool RailSys and real train traffic with focus on Electrical Multiple Units (EMU) and the Swedish automatic train protection (ATP) system ATC, on a single-track line. Braking,...

Interaction between cyclists, motor vehicles and infrastructure: a simulator study on...

Severe and fatal accidents between cyclists and motor vehicles are common at intersections, and many involve right-turning vehicles, with drivers not observing an adjacent cyclist. Few structured investigations exist regarding the interaction...



ICTTP 2020

ICTTP, International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology, is held in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis: European Conference 2020

VTI organises Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis: European Conference 2020. 

International Cycling Safety Conference

Swedish Cycling Research Centre, Cykelcentrum, organises together with Lund University the International Cycling Safety Conference, ICSC, in Lund 4-6 November 2020.



Young people's travel habits are important for the transition of the transport system

The transport system is facing a number of challenges due to its negative impact in areas such as the climate, equality and fairness. In a recent report, researchers highlight the voices of young people to get their thoughts on the field of transport.


Connected vehicles solve parking problems

Vehicles circulating in the city centre in search of a free parking space is a growing problem. A cloud service that tracks the traffic situation and the availability of free parking spaces could reduce both traffic and congestion.


More International Collaborations for VTI and Sweden

VTI’s highly sought-after expertise is put to use through a well-developed network of international collaborations. A memorandum of understanding with Malaysia is the latest of VTI’s bilateral cooperation agreements.


Study on driver sleepiness at VTI

Driver fatigue and especially driver sleepiness are common contributing causes of crashes. Since January, a study has been underway at VTI where researchers are investigating how drivers' sleepiness and attention are affected by systems for partially...


Sustainable business travel

Almost 40 per cent of distance travelled in Sweden is business travel (including study trips) and 66 per cent of those are by car. This is therefore an area where great environmental gains can be made if more sustainable modes of transport were used.


A new project aims to improve the safety of bus companies

The safety culture of the bus industry is the focus of a new research project at VTI. The aim is to study factors that affect safe and legal behaviour in traffic, and how such behaviour can be encouraged.