EPAM 2012

The 4th EPAM, European pavement and asset management conference, in Malmö, Sweden, on 5–7 September 2012, at hotel Hilton Malmö city has been successfully accomplished. The conference was the follow up of the previous EPAM conferences in Budapest, Hungary in 2000; Berlin, Germany in 2004 and Coimbra, Portugal 2008.


How to measure efficiency in risk prevention?

Risk assessment methods form corner stones in the striving to reduce risks and threats to human life and society. Proposed actions can be physical or non-physical and adopted or declined after political evaluation, with consideration taken to...

Sustainability Aspects of Flood Risk Management

Aspects of sustainable development are crucial for Flood Risk Management (FRM). These aspects are relevant for the flood risk analysis, risk evaluation and risk-reduction. Two case studies are used to identify potential conflicts between different...

An integrated method for assessing climate-related risks and adaptation alternatives in...

The urban environment is a complex structure with interlinked social, ecological and technical structures. Global warming is expected to have a broad variety of impacts, which will add to the complexity. Climate changes will force adaptation, to...



Thredbo 15

Welcome to Stockholm, Sweden, and Thredbo 15, International Conference Series on Competition and Ownership in Land Passenger Transport.



Winter tyres: small differences in grip on wet asphalt

Researchers at the Swedish Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) have studied how grip on wet asphalt under winter conditions deteriorates with the age and wear of different types of winter tyres.


Different speeds for different drivers – on the same stretch of road

Traffic backups can be reduced by new traffic systems in which each vehicle is given an individual speed limit. The major challenge is to get everyone to agree to such a system. VTI is now demonstrating the benefits of new information sources by co-authoring...


An active driving style reduces the risk of ATV rollover

According to earlier research, rollovers are a type of accident that often has severe consequences for ATV drivers. A recently published VTI study demonstrates that an active driving style is needed to drive an ATV safely, but that the requisite training is...


Major European project for safer cycling

More and more cyclists are dying or sustaining severe injuries in traffic. A major EU project is studying ways of facilitating the interaction between cyclists and drivers with the help of technical aids in order to reduce the risk of accidents.


Research station with a focus on the environment

There is only one permanent environmental and road research station in Sweden, situated on the E18 motorway between Västerås and Enköping. VTI is now taking over as the new research coordinator for the station.


Simulated pedestrian traffic key piece of the puzzle for sustainable trips

Society’s interest in planning for pedestrian traffic is growing. Planners are increasingly concerned with ensuring that the interaction between different types of transportation, such as public transport, walking, and cycling, operates as flexibly as...