Utvärdering av älgattrappen Mooses II

Utvärdering av älgattrappen Mooses II: med sikte på konsumentprovning

Ylva Matstoms

Every year about 80 persons in Sweden die or are seriously injured in accidents involving moose (Alces alces). The weight of the moose in combination with the tall legs cause the adult moose to hit a normal-sized passenger vehicle at the same hight as the windscreen, which is a very weak part of the car. Most of the accidents occur on public roads with a speed limit of 90 km/h.

In this study the moose dummy Mooses II is thoroughly tested. The report also discusses the different aspects of testing procedure that need to be considered in a conceivable consumer testing, similar to EuroNCAP, but covering moose safety only.

The report concludes that the dummy Mooses II is very sturdy and withstands the forces during the tests very well. To make sure that the damage caused to the vehicles is equivalent to that caused by a real moose, further tests are suggested.

As far as consumerguidance is concerned, we suggest testing with a straight central hit of themoose dummy at 90 km/h. Furthermore it is suggested to use crash dummies(Hybrid III) inside the car for evaluation of the tests according to theEuroNCAP criteria. In addition, it is suggested that a method for measuringand evaluating shattered glass is developed. 



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