Trafiksäkerhet vid skolskjutsning: litteraturstudie och fältobservationer

Peter Wretling

This study focused on traffic safety aspects in connection with school transport. A literature study was carried out. Observations were made while travelling on several trips and attending an education day. Accident data were also of interest. Previously, contracts had been compared from the aspect of traffic safety. This called for an extension resulting in a larger study entitled “Traffic safety aspects in the purchase of transportation at public expense, with particular reference to school transport”. The aim was to identify and value the traffic safety aspects concerned in order to minimise the total costs to the community. The first part involves literature from the 90's, excluding vehicle-related aspects, and has been documented in this report. The most comprehensive investigations were found in the American literature. The importance of driver education was pointed out and accident crash studies had resulted in high standards for school buses. In Europe, the EC directives also emphasise the importance of the driver. In Great Britain, the case for changing the present system was examined in terms of discretionary policies, expenditure and extent and means of provision. The congestion resulting from the increasing number of pupils being driven to school by their parents was also discussed. In Sweden, responsibility is put on the school boards and the municipalities. Co-ordination between different types of community-financed journeys is advocated, sometimes without any regard for the consequences in terms of traffic safety. In the USA, accidents have been reduced to an extremely low level. In Sweden, the number of accidents related to school transport is still unknown.



Vision Zero for Sustainable Road Safety in the Baltic Sea Region

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ICTTP 2020

ICTTP, International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology, is held in Gothenburg, Sweden.



Report regarding government commission on the costs of traffic to society has been submitted

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International standardisation efforts have many advantages

VTI participates in several international standardisation committees. The work is important because it helps to ensure that standards can be adapted to Swedish conditions and it also provides access to valuable contacts and networks.


China wants to work with the best

Through the CTS cooperation, VTI is gaining valuable research contacts with China. The country is facing major challenges in the field of road safety but also has enormous potential.


VTI participated in conference on electric roads

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ADAS&ME is tackling the interaction between people and technology

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Users contribute to the development of train simulators

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