Road safety inspections

Road safety inspections: The audit of roads in operation as an addition for more detailed review of the traffic situation at road network

Jürgen Follmann
Klaus Habermehl
Keiping Li

A directive of the European Parliament and of the European Council on road infrastructure safety management are compulsory for roads of the Trans European Network. It provides descriptions and regulations for preventive methods like safety impact assessments, road safety audits and road safety inspections as well as for reactive methods to rank and manage the road network in operation from a traffic safety point of view. In order to support the ambitious road safety target set by the European Commission to reduce the number of traffic fatalities within the next 10 years the actual methods and regulations shall particularly be developed further. Road safety inspection aims to detect obvious defects of the condition of the roads in operation. In order to support those responsible for road safety inspections the method and the process have to be optimized. Thus to further establish the set of rules for road safety inspections the Scientific Committee AK 2.7.1 “Recommendations for the Execution of a Road Safety Inspection" at the German Road and Transportation Research Association (FGSV) was set up. The work of this Committee is supported by the research and development project "Tools for the execution of the road safety inspection and extended form regular control of the road administration" financed and managed by the German Federal Highway Research Institute BASt). A proposal how this method could be adapted for an application in China is the subject of this presentation.



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