Regulation knowledge presentation

Regulation knowledge presentation

Luca Canovi
Luca Minin
Matti Kutila
Virpi Britschgi
Adrian Sachelarie
Paul Barsanescu
Stautz Janos
Bernd Eckstein

The ASSET-Road project is focussing on improving road safety and road traffic by pushing different transportation stakeholders to interact between each other and integrating modern communication and sensing technologies. This deliverable is the result of the project tasks 3.1 (Regulation knowledge & awareness study), 3.2 (Situation identification & information presentation) and part of task 3.3 (Smart information provision Mechanism & HMI). In brief, objectives of the deliverable are: 1. to report the study conducted in task 3.1 where information about how deep drivers’ knowledge is (for truck and coaches drivers) have been collected in several countries in relation to road and safety regulations (e.g. speed limits on different roads, traffic rules, safety equipments, etc.). This is the first part of the document and includes two studies, the first one conducted in Europe and the second one conducted in Tanzania; a comparison between them is proposed; 2. to describe the smart In-Vehicle Information System specifications based on the requirements collected in WP1 (task 1.2 Users needs and requirements). In this section systems features are briefly introduced and the simulator study setup where the system will be tested is described, including scenario setup, situation identification and simulator iterations.



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