Provväg riksväg 26 Skultorp: uppföljning av provsträckor med aktiv design


VTI has performed falling weight measurements and analysis of surface profile measurements on road 26 at Skultorp south of Skövde. Within the road project it was built three test sections (incl. reference section) with different subbase material and an additional section with thinner asphalt pavement for analysis of active design and 1 + 2 sections for monitoring the reference structure constructed of three different contractors. The measurements intended to assess the different construction types and performance by analyzing the differences and changes in stiffness and rutting under 9 years of traffic, for traffic from 2005 to 2014.

Generally the results of falling weight measurements show a road with very high bearing capacity. There is a big difference in the measurement results and stiffness between the survey before opening for traffic in 2005 and the second measurement 2014, where there was a significantly lower stiffness 2005 than in 2014. At the measurement 2014 it was full asphalt thickness and at the same time the road has consolidated and become compact over many years of service. Therefore, the measurement 2014 best represent the road condition over the years it has been in use.



Vision Zero for Sustainable Road Safety in the Baltic Sea Region

The conference Vision Zero for Sustainable Road Safety in the Baltic Sea Region is held i Vilnius, Lithuania. VTI is part of the organisation committé and also one of the speakers.



EU-project VIRTUAL: improving road safety with virtual crash tests

Crash tests are used to improve safety on roads. Therefore the EU now funds a research project to develop virtual methods of crash testing. VTI coordinates the project, called VIRTUAL. The project now invites experts interested in Human Body Modeling to join...


EU project protects cyclists and pedestrians

According to the World Health Organisation, more than one quarter of road traffic fatalities in 2010 were pedestrians and cyclists. Every year, about 335,000 unprotected road users die because of traffic accidents, which shows the scale of the problem. The EU...


Swedish organisations in EU project on traffic safety and crash testing

Crash safety testing is one of the tools used to improve safety on roads. The EU is therefore funding a research project that started recently to develop virtual methods of crash testing. The long-term goal is to supplement the physical evaluation of crash...


International Conference on Electric Road Systems starts today

Electric Road Systems (ERS) is a relatively new concept with many initiatives on the way. To learn from each other and stimulate new collaborations the Swedish Research and Innovation Platform for Electric Roads arranged the first international conference...


Same survey of road users’ attitudes in 50 countries

At the Road Safety on Five Continents Conference, RS5C, one entire session presented a large survey of road users' attitudes in 38 countries. Results show large differences between countries in many areas, both regarding behavior and attitudes. A new survey...


Good results with alcohol interlock program according to Swedish study

An alcohol interlock program makes it possible for drink driving offenders to continue their everyday lives. In a Swedish study most of the participants were satisfied with the program and experienced improved health. They also reported drinking alcohol more...