Performance Evaluation of Polymer Modified Bitumens on a Heavily Trafficked Test Road

Xiaohu Lu
Hilde Soenen
Serge Heyrman
Per Redelius

In asphalt paving, polymer modified bitumens (PMBs) have more potential for use and can clearly demonstrate the value of their initial higher cost. To further assess the sustainable benefits of using PMBs, a test road was constructed on a highway in Sweden. In this paper, the asphalt binders used were investigated extensively using rheological and chemical methods, and asphalt field cores characterized with respect to permanent deformation and fatigue. It was found that the modified binders, particularly with SBS polymers, retain better rheological properties in comparison with conventional ones, even after several years in the field; these include higher strain recovery and lower non-recoverable compliance at high temperatures, and lower stiffness at low temperatures. The SBS modified binders also demonstrate good aging resistance, shown by both laboratory aging tests and field aging. the high resistance to aging for the SBS modified binders was also evident in the stiffness measurement made on asphalt field cores. Moreover, the modified binders with SBS polymers significantly enhance fatigue behaviour.



Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) workshop in Stockholm

An open seminar and workshop in Stockholm will be held on 25-26 April 2018. The workshop deals with the use of CBA as a basis for decision-making in the public sector. The workshop is organized by, among others, Professor Jan-Eric Nilsson, VTI.



Ulf Sandberg has been presented with the TTI Lifetime Achievement Award 2018

VTI’s Senior Research Leader Ulf Sandberg has been presented with the TTI Lifetime Achievement Award 2018 for his work on research into tyres and road surface.


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FALCON examines challenges in the transport sector

VTI is one of several important partners in the major FALCON project*, whose purpose is to create knowledge and insight regarding the transport sector. In an initial subproject, VTI has produced a manual on transport, logistics and multimodality.


VTI joined research cooperation in China

In December 2017 VTI became a member of China-Sweden Research Centre for Traffic Safety (CTS).


Swedish German research collaboration on Electric Road Systems

The project “Swedish-German research collaboration on Electric Road Systems” (CollERS) has now officially started. The goal of the project is to increase the common knowledge around Electric Road Systems by cooperation between Germany and Sweden and to...


Electric Road Systems Conference 2018

After a successful first conference in June 2017, the Swedish research and innovation platform for electric roads is arranging the second dedicated International Conference on Electric Road Systems (ERS) June 13th and 14th 2018.