Möjligheter till minskade koldioxidutsläpp genom trafikledning

Möjligheter till minskade koldioxidutsläpp genom trafikledning: en förstudie

Sara Janhäll

Traffic management can affect the emissions of greenhouse gases, mainly through traffic exhaust emissions, but, to some extent, also since efficient traffic management can delay or avoid new investment in transportation infrastructure by streamlining the use of the existing structure.

This project compiles existing literature evaluating the effects of traffic managements on climate gas emissions, i.e. how the management can alter traffic flows and how road users adapt to the information and how these changed traffic flows are reflected on emissions of climate gases. Some difficulties have been revealed, and further studies are recommended.

Quantifying and evaluating the effects of climate gas emissions is heavily dependent on the emission models and assumptions used. Some development in this area is proposed, especially in driving behavior related to congestion situations. There is also a large habituation regarding road user effort to find and use traffic information which leads to increased opportunities for activities that affect emissions. Also, changes in behavior and technological advances should be taken into account if older investigations are used for decision making.

The authors see great opportunities for VO traffic management and traffic information to reduce climate gas emissions from traffic by a conscious climate mitigation.



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