Metod och effektsamband för identifiering, bedömning och prioritering av åtgärder för klimatanpassning av vägar och järnvägar: en förstudie


This report presents the results of a feasibility study aimed at developing a methodology to support the transport Agency's planning of climate adaptation measures. The report focuses on the effect relationships for the identification, assessment and prioritization of measures for climate adaptation of roads and railways. The results presented in this report are based on literature studies and interviews with road and rail experts.

The report takes into account the consequences and risks that are expected to arise from climate-related events, such as the impact that arises from a heavy rainfall and measures that can be taken to reduce the risk and the effect thereof. Knowledge of the likelihood of a particular climate-related event occurring during a given period, as well as the size and type of injury, is required to assess or calculate the risk. The cost of damages is for example the delay costs, and costs of transfer and changes between modes of transport, etc., and recovery costs and injuries to humans.



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Unique knowledge compilation on microplastics from road traffic

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Measures for infrastructure climate adaptation requires prioritisation

The effect of climate change will result in more extreme weather events causing for example increased risk of floods, and landslides, which will result in great costs to society. Therefore, society needs to prepare for the consequences brought on by climate...