Invånarnas syn på den framtida trafiken i Malmös innerstad

Invånarnas syn på den framtida trafiken i Malmös innerstad: resultat från en enkätundersökning


The design of the transport system in urban centres should be based on a balance between different modes of transport that is in line with the inhabitants’ opinions. In this study a questionnaire was sent to a sample of all inhabitants in the municipality of Malmö aged 18–75 years. The questionnaire contains three different scenarios for traffic design in Malmö urban core. One out of five respondents think that Malmö city centre should be more adapted to car traffic following the scenario Better accessibility and more street space for cars in the city centre. In this alternative street design first and foremost care for good access for cars and ample parking space with low fees. Scenario B, A calmer traffic pace of the inner city, has been selected by 32 percent. The space motor vehicles are permitted to use on the major inner city streets is less in favour of pedestrians and cyclists. The even more car restrictive scenario C, A city centre with more street space for walking, cycling and public transport, has been chosen by about 48 percent of the respondents. Service vehicles such as taxis, vehicles for disabled people, goods deliveries etc. may use certain streets with respect to the conditions of pedestrians and cyclists. All other parking is directed to parking houses and the through traffic is directed around the city centre. To sum up, this means that 80 percent of the population of Malmö is in favour of a traffic policy and a street design that are more restrictive with regard to car traffic and car parking than is the case today. Close to every second of the Malmö residents support far-reaching changes involving better conditions for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport. The second group, which represents one-third, advocates more moderate measures such as limited space for cars to give priority to pedestrians and cyclists. Consequently, an interesting result arising from the analysis, and in a clear manner signalled by the overall outcome for the main question, is that a large majority of the inhabitants who drive and park the car in the city of Malmö prefer to change the traffic situation in the inner city with increased priorities and more space for cycling, walking and public transport. This result states the need for the type of studies that is reported here. A large majority of people living in Malmö are supporters of less car traffic and parking in the city centre, provided that the lower access for cars is instantly combined with better opportunities to walk, cycle and travel by public transport in the same area. Most residents in Malmö think that such a change of traffic priorities makes Malmö a more attractive city to live in.



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