Hvilken rolle spiller viden i dansk hastighedspolitik: et case-studie


En ting er anvendelse viden – noget andet om viden også har indflydelse. En cirka 10 år gammel case om øgede hastighedsgrænser på danske motorveje anvendes som case. Viden om konsekvensen af at øge hastighedsgrænsen blev flittigt anvendt i embedsværket såvel som i den politiske debat. Den pågældende viden påvirkede også embedsværkets udformning af lovforslaget. Anderledes med politikerne, som i casen fastholdt deres positioner uanset den foreliggende viden. De brugte viden som et argument, men ikke til at afklare hvad der er rigtig og hvad der er forkert. Den samme viden spillede forskellige roller. Hvilken rolle viden spiller i politiske processer er komplekst, men kan bl.a. forklares med karakteristika ved den pågældende viden, ved brugerne og ved den kontekst, som viden indgår i.



The 6st Humanist Conference

The 6th HUMANIST Conference will take place 13-14 June 2018 in the Hague, The Netherlands. The scope of the conference covers a wide range of topics on Human Factors in Transport. Tania Willstrand and Alexander Eriksson will present their research results.



Enkät om trafiksäkerhet genomförs i 50 länder

At the Road Safety on Five Continents Conference, RS5C, one entire session presented a large survey of road users' attitudes in 38 countries. Results show large differences between countries in many areas, both regarding behavior and attitudes. A new survey...


Good results with alcohol interlock program according to Swedish study

An alcohol interlock program makes it possible for drink driving offenders to continue their everyday lives. In a Swedish study most of the participants were satisfied with the program and experienced improved health. They also reported drinking alcohol more...


Traffic safety in the spotlight

Today the Conference Road Safety on Five Continents (RS5C) opened in Jeju Island, South Korea. More than 220 participators have come from all over the world to present findings and learn about traffic safety. Dr. Young Tae Kim, Secretary-General of the...


VTI will develop simulators for ambulance staff

VTI has initiated a pilot study for paramedics with the Centre for Teaching & Research in Disaster Medicine and Traumatology and Linköping University. The aim is to give ambulance staff the opportunity to practice critical medical tasks in a moving vehicle in...


Unique electrified road opens in Sweden

The world’s first electrified road recharging the batteries of cars and trucks while driving opened in Sweden. The Swedish Minister for Infrastructure, Tomas Eneroth, was at the formal inauguration of the electrified road on April 11, 2018. VTI is one of 22...


Swedish road safety spreads internationally

Sweden is a leading country in terms of road safety, and the research conducted by the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) has contributed to increased safety. VTI’s remit includes disseminating research results and keeping up to date...