Ett försök till validering av strukturen hos svenska trafik- och trafiksäkerhetsattityder

Ett försök till validering av strukturen hos svenska trafik- och trafiksäkerhetsattityder: en LISREL-analys av Sartre2-materialet

Sven Dahlstedt

In the multinational Sartre project a vast number of interviews were conducted with European drivers to study their attitudes to traffic and traffic safety. The first Swedish contribution (Sartre1) consisted of 1266 interviews of about 200 questions each. In Sartre2 five years later another 1003 car drivers were subjected to a similar, but somewhat shorter, interview.

In an attempt to summarize and give some kind of structure to, at least part of, the material, the LISREL technique was tried on about 60 of the 200 Sartre1-variables. LISREL analyses on these subsets of variables, single or in various combinations, then showed 1) which variables that could not be fitted to any more general models, 2) those combinations of variables that had so strong intercorrelations that they could be interpreted as indicators of mutual latent variables and 3) the relations between the latent variables.

All analyses were made separately for men and women because of the suspicion that the structures and patterns of attitudes might vary between the sexes.



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