Effekter av längre lastbilar och godståg i en internationell korridor

Effekter av längre lastbilar och godståg i en internationell korridor


The project studies the effects of enabling the use of longer road vehicle combinations and/or longer trains in an intermodal freight corridor that extends from central Sweden to the Ruhr area in Germany. For the time being the transports are designed based on the smallest vehicle dimensions: 18.75 m for trucks in Germany and 650 m for trains in Sweden. The question is whether/or how the transport system can be enhanced by using larger vehicles for road transports, rail transports or both. Ten scenarios are simulated with the help of the national freight model Samgods which assumes a constant freight demand. In the road scenario V1, 25.25 m long trucks are allowed in the road corridor (that includes a ferry link and goes via Travemünde) and it is further assumed that large trucks can access the road corridor in Germany via terminals. In the rail scenario J1, 750 m long freight trains can be operated in the rail corridor that goes via the Öresund Bridge and Jutland/Denmark. In the combined scenario V1+J1 it is assumed that both longer trucks and longer trains can be used in the corridor. The effects on the freight flows, tonne kilometres, logistics costs and CO2 emissions inside and outside Sweden are studied and very rough socio-economic analyses have been carried out.



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