Capacity Issues in Sweden - Applications and Research

Publisher's full text
Torsten Bergh
Karin Nordqvist
Per Strömgren
Fredrik Davidsson
Karl Lennart Bång
Arne Carlsson

This paper gives an overview of the Swedish trunk road system and present objectives, guidelines concerning capacity and level of service procedures to assess these issues in the feasibility and design procedure are also described.

An important goal in Sweden is investments and speed limit changes over a 10 year time scale to decrease the C02-exposure. The long term speed limit overview with the objective to require median barriers at speed limits over 80 kph with results so far is presented. By now over 50 % of the former traffic load over 80 kph is decreased to 80 kph. Some 2,700 km have been retrofitted to 2+1 median barrier roads with speed limit mainly 100 kph.

An overview is also given of the updated Swedish Highway Capacity Manual with new chapters especially on jam densities, entry lanes, weaving areas and traffic signals. Some interesting research projects are also briefly covered. These are 2+1 median barrier roads, capacities at motorway work zones, speed harmonisation with variable speed limits on motorways to increase capacity, ramp metering and Drive Me (autonomous driving full scale tests).



Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) workshop in Stockholm

An open seminar and workshop in Stockholm will be held on 25-26 April 2018. The workshop deals with the use of CBA as a basis for decision-making in the public sector. The workshop is organized by, among others, Professor Jan-Eric Nilsson, VTI.



Ulf Sandberg has been presented with the TTI Lifetime Achievement Award 2018

VTI’s Senior Research Leader Ulf Sandberg has been presented with the TTI Lifetime Achievement Award 2018 for his work on research into tyres and road surface.


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FALCON examines challenges in the transport sector

VTI is one of several important partners in the major FALCON project*, whose purpose is to create knowledge and insight regarding the transport sector. In an initial subproject, VTI has produced a manual on transport, logistics and multimodality.


VTI joined research cooperation in China

In December 2017 VTI became a member of China-Sweden Research Centre for Traffic Safety (CTS).


Swedish German research collaboration on Electric Road Systems

The project “Swedish-German research collaboration on Electric Road Systems” (CollERS) has now officially started. The goal of the project is to increase the common knowledge around Electric Road Systems by cooperation between Germany and Sweden and to...


Electric Road Systems Conference 2018

After a successful first conference in June 2017, the Swedish research and innovation platform for electric roads is arranging the second dedicated International Conference on Electric Road Systems (ERS) June 13th and 14th 2018.