Ansvar och roller vid skolskjutsning: en fördjupad analys genom gruppdiskussioner


There is a need to increase knowledge about different actors' (municipality, school, bus driver/contractor and parents) view of their role in relation to school transport. The present study aims to create a more detailed description about the perception of responsibility for school transport of children, especially in situations where shared responsibility is possible. Results of the study intends to provide a starting point for guidance on what to consider in order to ensure a clear division of responsibilities between actors. The study was conducted in the form of focus group discussions with bus drivers, school staff, officers of the municipality and parents in an area in northern part of Sweden. If the topics discussed are summarized from a more general perspective it can be noted that there is a need for increased communication between the stakeholders, in order to ensure a clear understanding of who takes responsibility for what. This is evident both in the planning of the school bus transport and during the realisation of the transport. The result shows that if the different elements involved - from door to door - are broken down into who is formally responsible and who themselves feel that they take responsibility, there is a difference in these pictures. It is also noted that there are tasks where no one felt that they took responsibility.



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