Vision Zero for Sustainable Road Safety in the Baltic Sea Region

2019-12-04 00:00 – 2019-12-05 23:00

The second Vision Zero for Sustainable Road Safety in the Baltic Sea Region conference will be held in Tallinn, Estonia. VTI is part of the programme committee. 


Metod och effektsamband för identifiering, bedömning och prioritering av åtgärder för...

This report presents the results of a feasibility study aimed at developing a methodology to support the transport Agency's planning of climate adaptation measures. The report focuses on the effect relationships for the identification, assessment...

Tekniska resurser för forskning om cykling: en översikt av befintliga resurser i Sverige

In Sweden there are strategies, plans and goals for the development of bicycling on both a national and a local level at the municipalities. To reach the goals that have been set up, trials, projects and plans are carried out in many places within...

Ett förändrat arbetssätt för rattfylleriövervakning i polisregion Mitt: utvärdering av...

A new way of organizing drink driving enforcement was tested in a pilot study in a Swedish police region. The aim of the pilot study was to enhance the visibility of drink driving controls, in order to increase the drivers’ perceived risk of being...



Winter Road Congress 2020

The congress is held in Tempere, Finland. Anna Niska, senior research leader at VTI, lectures on sweep-salting of cycleways.

Electric Road Systems Conference (ERSC2020)

Welcome to the 4th Electric Road Systems Conference (ERSC2020), 12–13 May 2020 in Lund, Sweden

ICTTP 2020

ICTTP, International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology, is held in Gothenburg, Sweden.



VTI and SAFER are organising the world’s largest traffic and transport psychology conference in Gothenburg

In August 2020, VTI and SAFER are organising the International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology (ICTTP) in Gothenburg. ICTTP is held every four years, and this year is the seventh conference.


Kilometre tax is expected to have the greatest environmental impact

How can environmentally differentiated charges and other policy instruments reduce the freight transports' environmental impact? VTI has participated in a research project on this subject.


Increasing cycling among the elderly

Cycling is good both for your health and the environment. It can give you freedom and the ability to get out and about, not least for the elderly. But with age, it can become harder to choose your bike over your car. Maybe your fitness and balance are not...


VTI launches new research

VTI's ambition is to create cohesive maritime research in areas such as transport economics, logistics, environment, behavioural science, and navigation. One current assignment concerns the validation of research in a major international EU-project, Sea...


New study examines the mental health of seamen

Working at sea and being away from home for long periods can be mentally straining. In a preparatory study, researchers at VTI will examine how prevalent mental ill health is among ship crews in Sweden, and how the shipping companies' preventative efforts are...


Measurement of fatigue among bus drivers in London provides tools for better traffic safety

VTI has participated in a study of fatigue among London bus drivers. The study has given Transport for London the tools to implement measures that deal with fatigue among the city’s bus drivers.