Professor in economicsspecializing in transport

The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, VTI, is now advertising a professorship in economics specializing in transport, based in Lund. Applications must arrive no later than 31 August 2021.

The professorship will involve collaborations with the Department of Technology and Society at the Faculty of Engineering LTH, Lund University. The position, which is set to be filled during 2021, is a strategic investment into developing our organisation at the VTI office in Lund.

VTI is Sweden's leading independent transport research institute with approximately 220 employees. It has an annual turnover of approximately SEK 280 million. VTI's scientific personnel currently includes five professors, around 20 associate professors, 100 researchers and around 40 doctoral students. Research mainly comprises externally financed projects within the social, technical, and natural sciences.

Subject field

The position will have a broad focus on economic analyses of transport systems. It will be based on micro economic theory and will primarily focus on quantitative analyses. The subject field includes analyses of economic efficiency and social costs and benefits of investments and other measures in the transport sector. Other areas relevant to the professorship can include incentives and other mechanisms for strengthening the economic efficiency of transport. Other potential areas are financing, organizational forms and performance, competition, procurement and decision-making processes in the transport sector.

The position may involve cooperation with other branches of science such as business administration, political science, human geography, sociology or psychology.


As a professor you will be expected to:

  • stimulate, lead and conduct high-quality research, development and investigations with the aim of increasing scientific knowledge and skills within the field;
  • initiate, prepare and apply for external funding for research projects together with colleagues, universities, industry, public authorities, and organizations;
  • supervise doctoral students and establish and lead a research group;
  • share research results with broad stakeholder groups and develop VTI's national and international collaborations within the field;
  • provide scientific material and advice to the government, public authorities and other relevant stakeholders.

If the successful candidate is unable to speak Swedish, they are expected to within three years have acquired sufficient knowledge of the language to be able to communicate with stakeholders involved with VTI and other duties included in the position. The duties require good skills in spoken and written English.

Admission requirements

Applicants for the VTI professorship are expected to have scientific excellence within the subject field. See Ordinance (2007:964) with direction for the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute.

Assessment criteria

Applicants for the professorship will be assessed based on the degree of skills required to be eligible for the position: The scientific excellence expected of the applicant includes:

  • An independent, scientific production in the field that exceeds both the qualitative and quantitative requirements necessary to be appointed associate professor (“docent”).
  • High-quality, comprehensive and topical scholarly articles that have been published in international journals, or other publication formats relevant to the subject field.
  • National and international recognition in their subject, demonstrated for example, through invitations to lecture, assess and act as external reviewer.
  • Academic leadership ability, that involves initiating, creating and leading research groups and activities, establishing internal or external research collaborations, and significant efforts for the scientific development within the subject field.
  • The ability to develop their own research organisation funded by successfully obtaining research grants from competitive national or international research councils, foundations, industry etc.
  • The ability to collaborate within their subject field and with society in general, through their own scientific activities.

The following assessment criteria in relation to the specialisation and content of the position also apply:

  • The quality and relevance of the research plan, that includes international collaborations and innovative contributions to strategic development within the subject field.
  • The degree of expertise necessary for conducting applied research that results in providing scientific material and advice to the government, public authorities and other relevant stakeholders.
  • The degree of expertise necessary for collaboration, and developing and leading organisations and staff. This includes knowledge of diversity and equality issues and gender equality.
  • Teaching aptitude: Knowledge, approach and experience of supervision. The applicant must normally have acted as principal supervisor for at least one doctoral student, and have completed training in higher education concerning supervision.
  • Dissemination activities aimed at industry, public authorities, organisations and other stakeholders.

Additional information

Additional information about the position can be obtained from Mattias Haraldsson, Research director – department Society, environment and transport, + 46 8-555 770 27. Additional information with regard to salary and other terms of employment is available from Christina Carlson, Human Resource Manager, +46 13-20 42 20 or union representatives Jonas Ihlström, Saco or Thomas Lundberg, ST, both of whom can be reached through the VTI telephone exchange +46 13-20 40 00.

Please notice that the application will become a public document.

VTI will not accept any commercial or other external assistance with regard to advertising or recruiting to this position.

Application instructions

Applications marked “Professor economics, ref no 2021/0217-3.1” shall be send by regular mail to VTI, HR-Department, SE 581 95 Linköping, Sweden or by email. Applications which are sent by regular mail shall be submitted in four identical copies.

The application must include:

  • Headings in the CV template: CV-template , 138 kB.
  • Other documents you wish to provide in support of your application.

Email address:

Applications must arrive no later than 31 August 2021.

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