Valuation of travel time savings in bicycle trips

The Swedish Transport Administration means to develop methods for benefit-cost analyses of infrastructure investments for bicycling. An important item in such appraisals is often the travel time value. The aim of this study is to estimate travel time values for bicycle travel that is geographically generalizable across the country. Further, an attempt is made to analyse the effects of bicyclists’ health awareness on the travel time value and, if possible, propose a decomposition of the travel time value in two parts: health effects and time value/comfort value.

The report presents a theoretical model and preliminary analyses based on the data material. The results show that there is a difference in the size of the travel time value depending on whether the respondents have car or public transport as alternative modes to bicycle. Another result is that the travel time value tended to decrease the less risky and uncomfortable the bike path was, mainly when moving from mixed traffic/bicycle field in the road way to bicycle lane (next to the road or not in connection with the road).

The study also indicates that people who do not take health aspects into considerations in their choice of cycling have higher travel time values than people who believe that health aspects are important. Health aspects seem to have the greatest effect when riding on a bike lane. A striking aspect of the estimates is that the respondents (who all are bicyclists) reported answers that resulted in travel time values for bicycle that far exceeded the corresponding values for the alternative mode of transport. Although the values are high, they are in line with previous studies, at least when it comes to people with public transport as alternative mode to bicycle.


  • Transport economics
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  • Cycling
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  • Journey time
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  • Value analysis
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  • Research area: Transport economics
  • Published: 2012-07-02
  • VTI-code: N26-2012

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