Combination of actions instead of a ban on mobile use while driving


Various actions that educate, inform and support the driver in order to manage communication in a secure manner are preferable to a prohibition of the use of communication devices while driving. This is stated by VTI in a report today to the Swedish government.

In October 2011 VTI presented the result of a review of research literature on the use of mobile phones and other communications devices while driving. A major finding was that no long-term traffic safety impact could be found for countries that have legal requirements for hands-free equipment. VTI was therefore in November 2011 commissioned by the Swedish government to investigate what options may exist for a ban on the use of mobile communication while driving.

The report outlines possible means to reduce the dangerous usage of mobile phones and other communication devices while driving, while at the same time preserve the positive effects. The suggested countermeasures cover several areas and are intended to function as alternatives to banning device usage.

One is technical solutions, including countermeasures directed towards the infrastructure, the vehicle and the communication device.

Another area includes education and information and describes different ways to increase knowledge and understanding. Furthermore, there are different possibilities for how society can influence the behavior of individuals, both via bans, recommendations and incentives.