Svante Mandell

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Organisational affiliation:
Transport economics
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+46 70 943 04 41
Postal address:
Box 55685, SE-102 15 Stockholm

Selected publications

Publications in peer reviewed journals:

* Mandell S. (2002), “Lessor and Lessee Perspectives on Ground Lease Pricing” Journal of Property Research, 19(2), 145-157

* Mandell S. (2003), “Local Property Taxes and Moral Hazard” Journal of Property Research, 20(2) ,157-172

* Mandell S. (2004), “The Choice of Multiple or Single Auctions in Emissions Trading”, Climate Policy 5, 97-107

* Mandell S. (2008), “Optimal Mix of Emissions Taxes and Cap-and-Trade”, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 56(2), 131-140

* Mandell S. (2009), “Policies towards a more efficient car fleet”, Energy Policy, 37, 5184-5191

* Mandell S. (2010), “Steering the European transport greenhouse gas emissions under uncertainty”, Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, 44(1), January, pp. 1–16

* Mandell S., Wråke M., Myers E., Holt C. and Burtraw D. (2010), “Opportunity cost for Free Allocations of Emissions Permits: An Experimental Analysis”, Environmental and Resource Economics, 46(3), 331-336

* Mandell S., Wråke M., Myers E., Holt C. and Burtraw D. (2010), “Teaching Opportunity Cost in an Emissions Permit Experiment”, International Review of Economics Education, Forthcoming

Working papers (vti):

* Mandell S. (2009), “Prices and Quantities in a Climate Policy Setting”, vti WP 2009:4, []

* Mandell S. (2009), “Incentives for innovation and adoption of new technology under emissions trading”, vti WP 2009:10, []

* Mandell S. and Wilhelmsson M. (2010), “Willingness to pay for sustainable housing”

* Mandell S. (2010), “Carbon Values in Cost Benefit Analyses”, vti WP 2010:4 []

Other publications:

* Mandell S. (2000), ”Four Papers on Ground Lease Contracts” Licentiate thesis. Memorandum 5:53, Department of Building and Real Estate Economics, KTH.

* Mandell S. (2001), “Ground Leases & Local Property Taxes”, PhD thesis. Memorandum 5:56, Department of Building and Real Estate Economics, KTH.

* Mandell S., Carlén B. and Carling A. (2005), “Svensk klimatpolitik under nationellt utsläppsmål respektive avräkningsmål”, ER 2005:29, A report for the Swedish Energy Agency


PhD Svante Mandell is, since November 2007, employed as researcher at VTI in Stockholm. His primary interest is in climate policy questions related to the transport sector. He is also interested in questions concerning contracts and finance. Previously, Svante held a position as Associate Professor at KTH (currently part time only), giving courses on a master’s level in, among other things, quantitative methods and contract theory. Prior to that, he worked at the Department of Economics at Stockholm’s University doing research on international climate policy issues.