Anita Ihs

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Head of research department
Organisational affiliation:
Research department Infrastructure
+46 13 20 40 31
Mobile phone:
+46 70 943 04 15
Postal address:
SE-581 95 Linköping, Sweden


Dr. Anita Ihs is since April 2009 Research Director. She started in 1994 as project manager and researcher at VTI within the field of road maintenance and operations. She has been working with R&D contracts from the Swedish Road Administration but also from the European Commission and other clients. One major field of research concerns pavement management systems and in this case particularly models describing the road user effects of the road surface condition. Dr. Ihs has been the project manager for a main project called “The impact of road surface on traffic” during the period 1998-2004, where the objective was to improve and complement the road user effect models in the Swedish pavement management system. At present she is the project leader for a larger project where the objective is to investigate and increase the awareness of the requirements/expectations of road users on the road surface condition and which factors (comfort, travel time, safety, etc) are having an influence on these. Another field of research is techniques and methods for winter maintenance. Dr. Ihs has among other things participated in the COST 344 action: Improvements to Snow and Ice Control on European Roads. Dr. Ihs is since September 2006 the coordinator of the EU project HeavyRoute (Intelligent Route Guidance for HeavyVehicles) within the Sixth Framework Programme. The project ends in February 2009. Website: Dr. Ihs has also been an active participant in the IN

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